The restrictions imposed are simple to understand, if you are confused please contact us even if you have the slightest doubt..

It is not allowed to edit any of the files which are located in the players game client!

Those who do not follow this rule will receive permanent banned on our platforms.

Why don't we allow that? here is a document by "" that explains this in detail.

Download PDF

There are days when the number of players decreases considerably, it is not our fault, there are days and days, please do not ask us why the servers are bad today. It is not up to us. We do our best to bring as many players as possible to your servers, but sometimes external factors (weather, holidays, holidays, etc.) influence the number of players.

We reserve the right to delete / ban any ip that we consider to violate the terms of use and any paypal account that we suspect has been stolen.

Make sure that the servers are protected against various exploits that modify the Counter-Strike client, any modification of the Counter-Strike client (change name is allowed) will remove the server from the boost list without refund.

We are not responsible if your servers are not set up properly or the hosting company leaves something to be desired (lack of protection, vulnerabilities to DDoS flood, dedicated have a bad connection, etc.), these things leading to a small number of players redirected to the servers your.

We accept in server servers that have a reserved slot. Please let us know the number of reserved slots when you purchase a boost from us.

- After purchasing the service, the ip cannot be changed for boost. If the server is offline for more than 24 hours, the server will be removed from the boost without refund.