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Server Expiration date

What is boost?

*By boosting your server, you are distinguishing it from the crowd and showing it to our visitors on home page.

*When you boost server, its pushed to the top of the boost list, and its there until other boosted servers "push it" out.

*Your server gets added to KGB Master server, and gets massive amount of players, something like very strong redirect.You can read more about our master server here (Serbian)

*There are no limits for boosting single server !

*Its allowed to advertise boosting on your servers/forums, also its possible for boosters to specify their nickname, so you can reward them for boosting your server :)


We want to tell you that we started selling a new one Maximum Boost is even 3 times stronger than the regular one but it is also more expensive.

With the purchase of Maximum Boost your server has been added to strong redirect platform, the number is limited on 10 for now while raising traffic on google maybe in the future we will increase the number.

We have about 10,000 - 15,000 redirects per day, We have the largest number of redirects from 11 - 01.

The price of the Maximum Boost is 60 Euro per week or 200 eur per month.

replace the banner displayed during connection

Players use in-game search ("Find servers" Internet menu) and see your server there. Servers are sorted by the ping, i.e. player will see the server with the lowest latency as first.
If you've seen the message that payment was accepted and subscription activated - plaese wait a little, typically players will enter your server in 1-10 minutes. The possible reasons could be late time (nobody plays at night), your server is unreachable from some countries or has a very high ping.
You may find best offer prices for your server, selecting a subscription duration. For example, 30 days * €4.55 should cost €136.50, but 5% discount applies, so the monthly price will be €130.00. Three monthly price will be €409.50. (90 day) will be 90 * €4.55 = 409.50, but 15% discount will give you a price of €348.00.
There is no service that will attract to your server so many players to fill it 32/32. It does not exist. But, you may try to order other subscriptions somewhere else simultaneously, of course you will get full server after good choice. Try Gametracker.RS, for example. has begun to forbid the servers that use boost and therefore we have introduced the option of choosing to make your server information private, your server can be hidden on the boost list as well as on redirect platform.